RIDG Holding

The company is ultimately owned by 7 beneficiaries grouped into three investor groups that have formed a joint venture in RIDG Holding s.r.o. Together they share decades of experience in the field of paper industry, production, energy, restructuring and have the capital power enabling the development of VIPAP VIDEM Krško.

33 %

The PORTIVA investment group

The PORTIVA investment group was established in June 2018 by consolidating the assets and ownership interests of the Group’s shareholders in the energy and real estate sectors. The history of the group goes back to 1995 when ELDACO was founded. ELDACO, with its 14 wind and photovoltaic power plants, now forms the energy division of the holding. In addition to renewable resources,

PORTIVA also focuses on commercial real estate (it owns commercial and office centres), automotive IT and investment funds. As of 31st December 2019, the volume of assets under management of the group was CZK 4.2 billion.

34 %

Jaroslav Jiřička and INVESTIČNÍ KLUB, a.s.

INVESTIČNÍ KLUB, a.s., is a company founded in 1994 as an instrument of joint investment of Czech and foreign investors in the Czech Republic. Currently it focuses on management and administration of existing investments in a variety of sectors, including development, pharmacy and pharmaceutical services, engineering and power engineering, software and IT solutions, financial services and factoring, and the paper industry. Total assets managed by the company exceeds CZK 2.5 billion.

Mr Jaroslav Jiřička is the majority shareholder of KRPA Holding which is one of the largest paper-making groups in Central and Eastern Europe. KRPA HOLDING includes companies which have a leading position in the domestic market in the production of forms, exercise books and reels for more than 170 years.

33 %


RUTHERFORD ID GROUP, s.r.o. is an investment instrument of IPIDC group. It has been operating since 2008 in the field of structuring the financing of investment projects. It focuses mainly on developing markets. He has references in the area of ​​financing the development of public infrastructure, commercial real estate and especially production capacities, including wood processing and paper industry.

paper company

The company RIDG Holding s.r.o. is an entity established for the purpose of managing assets held in connection with the acquisition of the paper company VIPAP VIDEM Krško. The only assets are 96.5% of the shares of VIPAP VIDEM Krško and the related receivables from the same company. The remaining 3.5% of shares are owned by VIPAP VIDEM Krško. Therefore, RIDG Holding is the sole shareholder of the company.